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With over 75 models to choose from, we definitely have a hot tub for YOU!

Whether you are a first time hot tub buyer or an experience “Hot tubber” looking to upgrade, you need to come and visit our 8,000 sq. /ft. showroom and browse through our huge selection in person. We know hot tubs and everyone here is an owner. We work with you on configuration and budget to give you the hot tub of your dreams. We do not work on commission.

Our goal is to guide you through the process and find the best spa for you and your family while helping you stay on budget. From 2 person spas to full size swim spas, we have over 45 years of experience to help you make the right choice so you can enjoy your investment for years to come.


Manufactured in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, Artesian offers the largest selection of spas from any manufacturers with 4 series of spas with different operating systems and built with the most foam insulation possible to ensure maximum heat retention. They have mastered the production and most custom ordered spas will be delivered and installed in your backyard in about 4 weeks from order date.

Their hot tub line-up includes:
Garden Spas ~ South Seas Spas ~ Island Spas ~ Platinum Spas

Artesian Spas


Manufactured near Salt Lake City, Utah, BullFrog Spas has re-invented the way luxury spas are built: 90% less plumbing, independent seat pressure control and the ability to change your jets from seat to seat in less than 30 seconds, custom colour shell coordination, extremely low cost of operation with full foam insulation (perfect for our Canadian Climate), the newest most energy efficient pumps are some of the huge benefits of ownership. From 3 to 8 person spas, the selection is great and has many options to enhance your spa experience. Come test drive one today!

Bullfrog Spas


Portable & Affordable is what makes each Dreammaker spa so different! Their resin moulded spa shells will last more than a lifetime and weigh about 300 lbs each. They can be installed practically anywhere or moved from the cottage to your home in a simple pick-up truck as you simply plug them into a regular 120 volt outlet. Available in different colours and sizes, come see in person how easy it is to take one home today!

Dreammaker Spas


Since we know hot tubs so well, we refurbish used spas from time to time. Taking someone’s older spa and turning it into the perfect starter for someone who’s on a tight budget or doesn’t know if the investment of a brand new hot tub is right for them. These spas are tested in our warehouse facility, cleaned, repaired, rebuilt and cabinets re-stained if required. They undergo meticulous testing to ensure they meet our satisfaction and resold at an affordable price. Call us about our used spa availability, we’ll take your contact details  and get in touch when a used spa becomes available.

Used Hot Tubs


8,000 square feet of hot tubs and hot tub products.